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Choir Bells
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This holiday season, Adventist Health System, soon to be AdventHealth, is airing an advertising campaign called Bell Choir, which celebrates the lives of a number of cancer survivors and the new beginning they now get to enjoy. Below are some of our team members’ responses following the release of campaign:

  • “I can’t imagine a single dry eye on anyone who has viewed the Survivor Bell Choir video. It is a beautiful testament and a joy to watch. I have friends and family who have lost the battle to cancer, but the bright side is my sister and my husband of 50 years are true survivors. We should all count our blessings every day and keep up the fight for those who can’t. Thank you, AdventHealth, for such a compelling, hopeful and beautiful message.” – Sandra Radaskiewicz, AdventHealth Centra Care
  • “The Bell Choir video is beautiful! It really hits close to home this year, as my aunt very recently passed away from ovarian cancer and my younger sister was diagnosed with stage four gastric cancer just a few months ago. I appreciate everything our organization does for cancer patients. Thank you for sharing.” – Beth Kohl, AdventHealth Pepin Heart Institute
  • “Bell Choir is absolutely beautiful. It’s such a perfect way to tie that hospital bell to the Christmas season and the true meaning of Christmas, our Savior Jesus Christ. My mom passed away from colon cancer many years ago. I wish there had been places like this nearby for her to receive treatment. However, I am so thankful to see these places now! Thank you so very much for thinking of these patients and their families.” – Ramona Booth, AdventHealth Manchester

Like these three team members, many more have shared how the Bell Choir campaign has inspired them and reminded them of the meaning and the mission behind the work that we do.

To see the Bell Choir videos, visit

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