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Feel Whole Challenge Day 15 - Listen to Music to Improve Your Mood

Learn how music affects your mood for Day 15 of the Feel Whole Challenge.

I’ve always believed music to be an incredible gateway for us. Music can instantly take my mind to another place. I never stick to one genre because I love all music, but I will say that certain genres will work better for me in certain settings. Let explain what I mean.

Working Out

If you ever follow along with my stories on Instagram, you’ll see that I always listen to high-BPM music when I’m in my garage working out. The fast tempo makes me push harder and go faster during a workout.

I also like that it motivates my mindset. Your mind will quit on you before your body ever will. I set my mind up for success by filling it with music that will motivate and encourages me to keep going. Create a playlist with songs that really fire you up. Put that playlist on blast during your run or workout and I promise you that you will find yourself fighting harder to keep going and finish.

Desk/Office Work

I work from home, so it’s fairly easy for me to blast music while getting things done. My workspace is one that I like to keep upbeat yet mellow (if that makes sense). When I’m in my office, I love playing acoustic covers that I find. Acoustic music, to me, is incredibly beautiful and it does a great job of keeping my mind steady.

I need music to block out the silence and keep my mind active. Acoustic music not only helps me focus, but it doesn’t overpower my thoughts to where I can no longer be creative in my work.

I’ll also have an occasional concert for all my picture frames and pens on my desk. They love it.

Focus and Alone Time

I’m a mother to a 2 1/2-year-old boy. He is SUCH a boy and has so much energy. On the two days that he’s in school, I find myself enjoying my alone time to recharge. For these times, I love turning to classical music.

There is nothing more soothing and relaxing to me than classical music. Not only does it relax me, but it takes me to another time and place. I can close my eyes and I’m instantly in front of an orchestra, wearing a beautiful gown and feeling like royalty.

Isn’t it incredible what music can do for our mood? We feel every beat, and we live every lyric. It’s so powerful. Next time you’re feeling down or needing a boost, play some music. Let your mind be creative again with where it’ll take you from simply listening.

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Writer: Krystal Cantu

After a life-changing car accident, Krystal counts every day as a blessing and has chosen to live a whole and healthy lifestyle. She’s a CrossFit trainer, mother and wife. She believes that the journey of life she is on was the one she was meant to live, and she treats every day like a gift.

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