The Many Ways Nurses Make a Positive Impact in Health Care

Nurse Taking Care of a Happy Baby
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Nurses are an integral part of the health-care system. Not only do they deliver outstanding care and support to patients and their families, they also advocate on your behalf every single day. They work to make sure you receive the best possible care today and are committed to improving the quality of care that will be available in the future. Discover everything a nurse does to make a positive impact on healthcare as a whole.

They Support Your Whole Health

Nurses are here to support you on your journey to whole health. That goes far beyond administering medicine, checking your blood pressure and relaying questions to a doctor.

Nurses are there to listen to you, support you and help connect you to resources you may need — whether that’s a support group to help you manage your diagnosis, a chaplain to lean on or just a quiet moment together as you share your questions and worries. This commitment and attention to detail helps each of us live healthier physical, mental and spiritual lives.

They Support Your Family

Anyone who’s watched a loved one manage a chronic illness or experience a hospital stay knows that a nurse’s care and support goes far beyond their patient. They also help raise up families, friends and loved ones.

Nurses make sure families are seen and heard. They offer a welcoming smile, encourage you to get a good night’s sleep or send you to the cafeteria for a bite to eat or hot cup of coffee. They understand how difficult it is to watch a loved one go through a difficult time and are there for you to answer your questions and help you in your role as caregiver.

They Use Their Experience to Advocate for Others

Nurses are the backbone of health-care delivery. They have extensive experience caring for others and carrying out hospital procedures and protocols. They know their patients well and see firsthand how care is improving their health.

Nurses use their voice and experience to advocate for patients within their health-care team, ensuring they get the care they need. Nurses also play a key role in shaping hospital-wide policies for approaches that help patients and their families.

And nurses don’t stop at the hospital level. They advocate for health-care policies in legislation that will help patients and improve the delivery and quality of health care available in the community and around the globe.

Nurses are committed to caring for and advocating for all patients — whether it’s someone they see once a year during a wellness exam, a patient they support daily in an in-patient unit or someone they’ve never even met in a different corner of the world.

Impacting Care, Changing Lives

Nurses come into work every day with the unique opportunity to make a difference in our lives. They’re deeply proud of that responsibility and are committed to find ways — both big and small — that will help us feel better.

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