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Cheering on Your Teams From the Comfort of Home

A family cheering on their favorite team at home.
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It’s been a strange year — and for sports fans, a bit of hope is in sight as some leagues begin their return to stadiums and arenas. But games will look a little different. More than likely, you’ll be viewing them through the television screen rather than in person. Of course, a game on TV is better than no game at all, so we’ll take this victory and make the best of it.

AdventHealth proudly partners with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tampa Bay Lightning to focus on improving the health and wellness of the people of Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. As the Exclusive Hospital of the Bucs and the Official Health and Wellness partner of the Lightning, we’re dedicated to providing a healthy journey for sports fans and players alike. This means that we’re asking you to safely partake in your game viewing this season, from a distance.

So, what does social distancing mean when it comes to watching your favorite team?

Practice Safe Sports Viewing

Watching live sports on TV without fans is probably going to feel a little strange. The NFL has yet to announce what their season will look like when it resumes in the fall, as far as having fans attend games in person. The NHL season will return this summer to, as of now, empty arenas.

So instead of crowding into shoulder-to-shoulder seating this season, instead consider safely watching your Bucs and Lightning at home with a limited number of friends or family. Bars and restaurants, while they may be open and have nice big-screen TVs, can become crowded if people aren’t following social distancing rules and may not be the safest option.

Throwing a big party for opening day may not be the best idea, either. Even though we’re all excited to see the return of sports, we need to observe responsibly so that we can hopefully one day get back to viewing games live and in person.

Make your favorite game day snacks, sit back in your recliner and enjoy cheering on your favorite teams from the comfort of home — safely and responsibly.

AdventHealth Teams up With NFL and NHL

For more information on ways AdventHealth partners with the Tampa Bay Bucs, click here. For more information on our partnership with the Lightning, please click here.

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