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3 Ways to Rest Like an Orlando Magic Player

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Orlando Magic players give it their all during the playoffs, both at the Amway Center and away. The offseason affords each Magic player necessary time to rest and recharge so they can come back stronger next season.

Just like Orlando’s basketball stars take time for themselves to focus their energy on refueling, you should make time in your day for rejuvenation, too. You don’t have to be an athlete to relax like one, and there’s no need to wait until the Orlando Magic’s offseason to get the rest you deserve every day.

Practicing Daily Rest Like the Pros

Even basketball stars need balance. With these tips, you can balance leading a fulfilled life with adequate time to rest.

  1. Take a Time Out

On the court, time outs let the Magic regroup, and regrouping mentally and emotionally can pay off for your body, mind and spirit, too. Calling a time out to remove yourself from a stressful situation or anxious environment might be all you need to take a mental and physical break.

If you’re at work, take a moment to step away from your desk, breathe and reconnect with your thoughts. Even a short stroll or a calming pause can help you refocus your energy.

  1. Pick Your Energy Drinks Wisely

To stay on top of their game, Orlando Magic players balance hydration with caffeination, and you should too, whether or not you play ball. Coffee and caffeination are almost synonymous with productivity, and it can be hard to regulate just how many cups of java you drink daily. Unfortunately, too many energy drinks, including coffee, can disrupt your body’s ability to rest at the end of the day.

If you’re feeling overly anxious, stressed or jittery, you may be overly caffeinated and dehydrated. Boost your energy the healthy way by keeping a water bottle with you at all times (and making sure you drink more water than coffee) or by swapping out a nutrition-packed smoothie or juice for one of your daily coffee drinks. You might be surprised how smart hydration can boost your mental alertness and energy levels.

  1. Practice Gratitude for the MVPs In Your Life

To score big wins, Orlando Magic players are united as a team on the court and support each other at every turn. Although it may be a simple gesture, showing gratitude for the people in your life who support you can boost your health in big ways.

Practicing gratitude can lower the stress hormone cortisol in your brain, lower your blood pressure and help you get better sleep. To reap the benefits of daily gratitude, make time to write in a gratitude journal or say a quick thank you to someone in your support system.

By taking a time out when you need it, balancing hydration with caffeination and practicing gratitude daily, you’ll get the rest you need to champion your health.

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