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3 Tips for Choosing a Pediatrician

A Pediatrician Checks a Young Boy's Vitals in an Exam Room

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Choosing the right pediatrician for your children is an important decision that can impact their whole health for life. If you’re looking for a pediatrician, it’s easy to search on the internet for a list of pediatricians near you or just ask a friend who they use.

But taking time to meet with pediatricians and finding the one that best meets your family’s needs makes a world of difference and can pay off in the long run. To help parents make the best decisions for their families, we’re here to get you off to a good start with 3 tips when looking for a pediatrician.

1. Start With Convenience

Start with the big picture, and then fill in the details. While the provider’s bedside manner and interactions with your child and family are important details, you can make your search easier by narrowing it down to location, hospital network and insurance. Choose a practice with a convenient location so you don’t find yourself driving long distances when your little one might not be feeling well. Find out in advance if the provider you’d like your child to see accepts your insurance plan.

Make sure the pediatrician you choose is associated with the best hospital network near you.

2. Consider Your Preferences and Your Child’s Needs

Personal preferences that add to your and your child’s comfort, such as whether the provider is male or female, and if they have a private practice or are part of a bigger medical group, are important details to consider. If your family has a busy schedule, a larger group offers easier access to appointments. If you prefer to see the same provider every visit, a smaller group or single physician office will best align with your preferences.

This is also where the provider’s communication style and bedside manner come into play. If your child is sensitive and shy, a provider with a more soft-spoken demeanor might suit them best. If they’re outgoing, they’d probably appreciate a doctor with a handy bag of jokes.

Most importantly, find someone who makes your little one feel supported and at ease, whether it’s for a back-to-school annual check-up or a sick visit.

3. Pediatrician or Family Medicine

Decide whether you’re more comfortable with a pediatrician or family medicine providers for your child’s ongoing care. While there are similarities between the two, the differences can inform your decision.

Pediatricians and family medicine primary care providers serve similar functions. They’re usually the first providers you see when you suspect that your child has an illness.

Pediatricians and family medicine providers can provide basic healthcare services such as diagnosing common ailments, prescribing medications and providing vaccinations.

The biggest difference between pediatricians and family medicine providers is that pediatricians only see patients under age 21.

Family medicine providers don’t focus on a particular age range. They can work with all ages and stages of life, from babies to grandparents. This means the whole family can go to the same provider or group for streamlined, personalized, quality care.

The determining factor should be whether you want your child to have a provider who specializes and works with children all the time. Depending on their needs and personality, they might do better with a more kid-friendly provider.

World-Class Primary Care for Kids

If you’re looking for a list of pediatricians or family medicine providers from which to choose, look no further than our Women’s and Children’s Health Navigators. These specially trained nurses are your guides for everything from finding the best provider for your family to scheduling office visits. These personalized services are always complimentary.

Visit us here to learn more and contact the team. Keeping your whole family well in body, mind and spirit is our passion.

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