After Years of Crippling Back Pain

Robert Rediscovers a Life of Joy

After an injury on the job, Robert was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. But after multiple surgeries, he was still in pain. Read Robert's patient story and see how, with AdventHealth's help — and Dr. Patel's expertise — he finally found the relief he needed to live a full life again.

Robert hugs one of the nurses who cared for him during treatment.
Back to Normal

A Journey From Pain to Pain-Free

After Robert was injured at work one day, the doctors discovered that he had degenerative disc disease. Its impact on his health made it impossible for him to continue working. Crippled with pain, Robert was forced into an early retirement, leaving a job he loved. He just wanted to get better. His initial doctors scheduled his first operation and, though they were hopeful, it wasn't a success. A second operation was scheduled. But after two surgeries, his condition had not changed at all. Robert felt discouraged. He was still living with severe back pain and still searching for answers. His wife, dedicated to finding a solution, did some research and found Dr. Patel at AdventHealth. She said he was the best spine surgeon in the U.S.

At his first appointment with Dr. Patel, Robert was impressed by how thoroughly he explained the surgery to him. Dr. Patel made sure he understood every single step. It would take a year to heal but, regardless of the projected recovery time, Robert was hopeful that Dr. Patel, and this operation, could rid him of his pain. After the consultation, Robert was assigned a personal coach who guided him throughout the entire procedure. She made him feel more at ease going into surgery than he had ever felt before, taking the time to address his concerns and keep him educated on the recovery process. Robert's coach was even there in the room when he came out of the procedure. He felt completely taken care of and loved by the staff. And, finally, his spinal surgery was a success.

Before the operation, Robert could barely walk an eighth of a mile without debilitating pain. Today, he's overjoyed to be mobile again, pain-free, enjoying his family, and walking up to two miles at a brisk pace. After years of pain, he finally received the care he needed for his degenerative disc disease to feel whole again.

From Diagnosis to Treatment

An Interdisciplinary Approach

Identifying a spine issue like Robert's takes precision and skill. That's why AdventHealth invests in innovative research across a variety of specializations to find the most-effective solution for you. So you can get back to living a fuller life that's free of pain.

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