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Climbing New Mountains

Learn How Rhett Conquered His Greatest Challenge

After being diagnosed with bladder cancer, Rhett, an avid rock climber, had to slow down. Rhett's story illustrates how AdventHealth's care and support helped him heal physically, mentally, and spiritually — literally helping him to climb mountains again. Read Rhett's patient story.

With the Support of AdventHealth

He's Reaching New Summits

Rhett is tenacious and loves a good physical challenge. He's always been very active so when his wife, Gloria, had a gut feeling something wasn't right with her husband, she immediately scheduled a doctor's appointment to have him checked out. And thank goodness she did. Just before a family vacation, Rhett was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He would soon begin chemotherapy at AdventHealth Orlando.

An athlete and avid rock climber, Rhett's favorite pastime was conquering new summits with his two adult sons. But the treatments he was receiving had completely stifled his active lifestyle. He would have to slow down in a way he had never experienced before. His energy was low, and he feared having to give up the much-adored time he spent side-by-side climbing mountains with his sons. But, his care team at AdventHealth wasn't going to let that happen.

It wasn't long before Rhett and his family received the good news — his cancer was in remission. He was ready to begin the healing process and get back to his old self. With the help of his team at AdventHealth, Rhett received patient-centered care that extended beyond his bladder cancer, treating his body, mind, and spirit. Gloria and the boys were just as happy to see Rhett moving around again, regaining his strength. His endurance was building and soon he was back out there climbing with his sons. Bladder cancer didn't slow him down for long. Rhett is currently on the hunt for the best equipment to protect his stoma while he sets out on his next great adventure.

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