An Unexpected Game-Changer

Meets Elite Determination

Former NFL-er Ray Forsythe never considered being anything but healthy and active. But when a stroke claimed the right side of his body, he fought through stroke rehabilitation to regain his life. Read his AdventHealth patient story.

Ray undergoing physical therapy post-stroke.
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An Elite Athlete Faces His Greatest Challenge

As a former professional football player for the Cincinnati Bengals, Ray maintained a healthy lifestyle, frequently working out and staying fit long after his NFL days. He never considered being in anything but tip-top shape, until the day his right leg started failing him and his face began to slope. His family was with him and he could see on his children's faces that something scary was happening, something out of his control.

They brought him to AdventHealth for treatment where they were told that Ray had suffered a stroke and lost function of the right side of his body. Ray was devastated, but his athlete's heart was determined. He geared up for the toughest challenge he'd ever faced: relearning all of his basic motor functions. Through months of stroke rehabilitation and physical therapy, he began to re-master his motor functions. But more than that, he began to find a new sense of purpose in enjoying his family and not taking a moment for granted. He was inspired by his stroke care team, who pushed him when he needed it most. Now, Ray is back to living his best life, which includes his favorite part of the day: cooking dinner for his family.

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A stroke like Ray's can cause damage that only whole-person therapy can help. That's why we create personalized stroke rehabilitation plans designed to heal your body, mind, and spirit. With an elite team of specialists — from therapists to psychologists — we're committed to helping you feel whole again.

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