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Transformation Inspiration: Donna’s Weight Loss Surgery Testimony

Photos of Donna Stanket before and after her bariatric procedure.

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Donna Stanek was tired of yo-yo dieting and had some significant health concerns, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart aneurysm and fatty liver. One of her good friends had gastric sleeve surgery two years prior, and when Donna saw her success, she decided to get weight loss surgery and change her life to the better as well.

Donna has maintained her significant weight loss for six years and she is living a happy, healthy life. The long-term success rate of bariatric surgery is between 68 and 74%.

Most patients who undergo bariatric surgery maintain 50-75% excess weight loss, with an average patient losing at least 100 pounds. These numbers should give you all the encouragement you need to commit to your new lifestyle.

Read more about Donna’s bariatric surgery testimony and how she too has inspired friends to follow in her footsteps with much success. Congratulations, Donna!

Who was your bariatric surgeon?

Dr. Dennis Smith was my surgeon. I highly recommend him to anyone considering weight loss surgery.

Which bariatric procedure did you have and when? How much weight have you lost?

I had the gastric sleeve procedure in 2017. I lost 89 pounds!

What is the key to maintaining weight loss after surgery?

Sticking to the plan will set you up for success. Eat your protein first, have an accountability partner, keep a food and exercise journal and be mindful of your portions.

What is the biggest misconception you’ve heard about bariatric surgery?

I have heard people say it’s "the easy way out" and only people who are over 200 pounds overweight should have the surgery.

Weight loss surgery is not the easy way out. It takes a great deal of courage and commitment to a whole new lifestyle. Who qualifies for bariatric surgery depends on your BMI number, not your weight.

How have your friends and family reacted to your transformation?

My family and friends have been super supportive, and even a bit jealous! Two of my best friends witnessed my success story, which inspired them to also get bariatric surgery. They’re both doing fantastic.

What’s your advice for those considering weight loss surgery?

Absolutely do it! It was the best decision that I’ve ever made and wish I would have done it years sooner. I am so much healthier, happier and can truly live life to the fullest now. I feel amazing!

We’re Here to Guide You to Your New Life

Thank you to Donna Stanek for sharing your inspiring weight loss surgery success story. Choosing a bariatric procedure is a life-changing decision, and it's essential to consult a professional who can evaluate your unique needs.

Our expert, compassionate bariatric team is ready to help you take your first step toward a brand-new life. Visit us at to learn more.

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