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Lean On Us for Continued Success

Our weight loss support groups are designed to support your new lifestyle changes after surgery, with a special focus on your emotional and psychological health. We discuss tips for navigating challenges, including new behavioral skills you can learn and other helpful advice. They’re also a valuable way to connect with others who know what you’ve been through and can offer advice and encouragement.

These groups can:

  • Celebrate your accomplishments
  • Help you overcome obstacles
  • Increase your likelihood of long-term success
  • Keep you motivated
  • Provide extra support from bariatric experts and other patients
  • Teach you new techniques

Adjusting to life after weight-loss surgery can be challenging — but we’re here to support you for life.

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Join Our Facebook Support Group

You are not alone in your weight loss journey. Our Facebook Support Group is a space for patients in any stage of their weight loss journey to connect with each other and find support along the way.

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AdventHealth + BariNation

AdventHealth has teamed up with BariNation to provide you with the additional support, resources, and education you need to succeed before and after surgery. With this partnership, AdventHealth bariatric surgery patients enjoy a complimentary two-week BariNation Membership trial and exclusive lifetime subscription pricing.

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Delicious Recipes That Help You Feel Whole

Eating healthy shouldn’t mean sacrificing flavor. Our team of dietitians has developed delicious and healthy recipes that will have your mouth watering. Find inspiration on meals full of flavor and nutrients that can be modified to adapt to your bariatric journey. If you have any questions, please reach out to your dietitian.