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Mental Wellness

Physicians and healthcare providers face unique challenges. Do what's best for your patients and take care of YOU.

"...reclamation of one's original calling into medicine; restoration of a personal sense of meaning and purpose with the healing process; and empowerment to further extend this healing mission to themselves, their families, patients and staff."

-Dr. Don Jernigan, former President and CEO of Adventist Health Systems

Dr. Adewale


Although regional services may vary, confidentiality is a central aspect of our programs. No records of services are accessible by hospital administration or any other health provider without client consent. As licensed mental-health professionals, our providers are obligated by ethics codes, licensing bodies, and state and federal law to uphold the highest standards of confidentiality and privilege.​

Physical Health

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Meditation and Relaxation

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  • Headspace

    Two-week free trial for the general public. 

  • Calm

    Seven-day free trial. A meditation, sleep, and relaxation app that also provides resources specifically for coping with COVID-19 anxiety.

  • Breathe 2 Relax

    Smartphone app with instructions and exercises for deep breathing and other stress reduction.

  • Insight Timer

    Always free. This is not a daily app, but rather a great library where you can search for various types of meditations and lengths by excellent teachers.

  • 10% Happier

    Free and paid options available. Health care providers can use redemption code HEALTHCARE to unlock all content.

  • UCLA Mindful App

    Free and has meditation by Diana Winston.

  • Mindfulness Coach

    Mindfulness Coach 2.0 was developed to help veterans, service members, and others learn how to practice mindfulness. The app provides a gradual, self-guided training program designed to help you understand and adopt a simple mindfulness practice.


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  • CBT-i Coach 

    Free cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, available for iOS and Android.

  • Relax Melodies

    Select some relaxing sounds, add a dash of nature, combine with a melody and hey presto: your sleep-inducing melody is complete. A choice of mindfulness meditations can be laid over the top of the mix to lure you soundly to sleep.

  • ​Sleep Cycle

    Sleep cycle tracks and analyzes your sleep patterns. Choose your wake up time and the app will gently stir you from your slumber during your lightest phase of sleep to ensure that you wake up feeling rested. The Statistics dashboard displays graphs and analysis of your sleep phases and the Trends dashboard details your sleep quality percentage and sleep and wake up times. It can even detect, track, and measure snoring.

  • ​Sleep Time

    Sleep time uses an accurate state of the art algorithm to analyze sleep and provides comprehensive insights into your sleep patterns. The app monitors your movements over the course of the night and generates customized data of your sleep cycles in easy-to-read graphs and charts. Soundscapes- such as gentle waves and rain forest storms- that simulate the natural environment enhance you ability to drift off quickly. 

Coping with Stress and Anxiety

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  • Sanvello

    Clinically validated techniques for reducing stress and treating anxiety and depression (free premium access during COVID-19 pandemic).

  • Happify

    Some free content, including stress reduction and cognitive techniques to address anxiety.

  • MindShift CBT

    Free content, including cognitive behavioral therapy strategies to address general worry, social anxiety, and panic.

  • PTSD Coach

    Created by VA’s National Center for PTSD and the Department of Defense’s National Center for Telehealth & Technology. This app provides you with education about post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), information about professional care, a self-assessment for PTSD, opportunities to find support, and tools that can help you manage the stresses of daily life with PTSD.

  • PTSD Family Coach

    In conjunction with PTSD Coach, the PTSD Family Coach app is for family members of those living with PTSD. The app provides extensive information about PTSD, how to take care of yourself, how to take care of your relationship with your loved one or with children, and how to help your loved one get the treatment they deserve.

  • COVID Coach

    Created for everyone, including veterans and service members, to support self-care and overall mental health during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ginger App Logo

Mental Health Care, Right on Your Phone

An app available for your smart devices, Ginger offers confidential, 24-hour mental health coaching via text-based chats with a trained coach and self-guided activities. Psychiatry services and video-based therapy sessions with licensed mental health counselors and are also available.

Additional Apps

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  • WebMD Coaching

    A WebMD Health Coach can help you learn how to bounce back from whatever life throws your way. Get help sleeping better, managing anxiety, improving your self-care and starting other healthy habits that can help you put your stress behind you.

  • Daily Strength

    Getting better together, knowing when you need help is a sign of strength. Share your experience and join a support group to connect with those on the same path.

  • Lasting: Marriage Health App

    Lasting is your personal marriage health plan, free for iPhone and Android. Think of it as a "gym" for your marriage. Based on years of marriage research, the program is designed to grow and maintain your marriage health. 

  • Mothers and Babies Online Course

    Available in both English and Spanish, this online course teaches skills to manage changes in how you feel. Designed for pregnant women, new mothers, and those who want to support them.

  • Mental Health Apps

    A collection of free and interactive mobile applications providing information, tools, assessments and support resources for people and families managing stress, anxiety, sleep disturbance, substance use and PTSD.

Philippians 4:7

And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.