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The Coalition for Physician Well-Being

The Coalition for Physician Well-Being was established in 2010 by physicians and health care leaders in response to noticeable low morale and unhappiness among their peers. The term "burnout" soon emerged.

Recognizing the urgency of this issue, comprehensive research was undertaken, culminating in the creation of the Medicus Integra® survey. This tool provides evidence-based recommendations to health care systems, hospitals, and physician groups, aimed at enhancing the well-being of their medical professionals. For a deeper understanding of the Medicus Integra survey and the associated award, please visit The Coalition for Physician Well-Being's website.

Advent Health, as a founding member of The Coalition for Physician Well-Being, has played a critical role in our endeavors. Their consistent financial and in-kind contributions support our ongoing mission "to promote meaning, purpose and joy in the practice of medicine" both within the Advent Health network and the broader medical community.

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Medicus Integra©

The Medicus Integra© Award was conceived and developed by the Coalition for Physician Well-Being, based upon the belief that physician resilience and well-being is not only good for physicians, but is conducive to healthy organizational culture and essential to quality patient care. For these reasons, it is in the best interest of healthcare organizations to give attention to the well-being of physicians and demonstrate intentionality in developing strategies and initiatives to prevent burnout and promote physician wellness.

book cover for Physician Well-Being During Sustained Crisis

Physician Well-Being During Sustained Crisis

How is a physician to cope? This indispensable anthology offers practical solutions. Physician Well-Being During Sustained Crisis features over twenty authors, including active physician executives, counselors, and healthcare chaplains addressing core concepts related to the well-being of physicians. Discover support for clinicians who deal daily with long hours, stressful situations, and lack of opportunity for self-care. Learn from seasoned healthcare professionals working at the front lines as they tell their stories and offer counsel based on real-life experience.

Transforming the Heart of Practice Book Cover.

Transforming the Heart of Practice

This unique, step-by-step guide offers a comprehensive exploration of burnout and physician well-being, a vital issue that steadily has become widely discussed in the professional and mainstream press. More than twenty chapter authors contribute to this multidimensional volume, including physicians, psychologists, researchers, health care administrators, chaplains, professional coaches and counselors.

Based on first-person experience, the guide can serve as a useful focus for conversation in groups meeting to explore and build physician well-being programs, and for conversation among practitioners participating in physician well-being.