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Care for Degenerative Spine Conditions

Moving with More Ease and Less Pain

Standing, bending, and flexing. When you’re young, these motions take little effort and rarely cause pain. But throughout your life, age and injuries can affect the discs that cushion your vertebrae, causing back pain, numbness, weakness, and other symptoms. These might be signs that you have a condition called degenerative disc disease.

As we get older, our discs naturally start to degenerate. It's all a part of the inevitable aging process. But you don't have to live with the pain. At AdventHealth, our experienced team of surgeons, nutritionists, and pain-management specialists use the latest degenerative disc treatments to restore your quality of life. It’s our goal to get you feeling better in body, mind and spirit. As your ally in the journey toward relief and recovery, we’ll give you the education, compassion, and minimally invasive care to help you feel as strong, self-assured, and powerful as possible.

Don’t Let Degenerative Disc Disease Slow You Down

Start Living With Less Back Pain

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Therapy First

Spine Care You Can Count On

Using spinal surgery as a last resort, we concentrate on treating you with nonsurgical therapies such as pain management, physical therapy, and spinal regenerative techniques.