Healthy Weight and Wellness Program and Mission: FIT Possible

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Our team of specialists provides education, support and services to combat major pediatric-health issues such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Our highly trained pediatric weight-management team is comprised of doctors, specialists and other healthcare professionals who understand the sensitive nature of obesity and living with an unhealthy weight. We use evidence-based guidelines, techniques and treatments delivered in a judgment-free environment to help patients lose weight and keep it off while addressing any other related health issues.

This program is designed to provide support to Central Florida families to help children with obesity establish healthy lifestyles. We provide children, teens and families information to make healthy food and lifestyle choices for life. It is a community-based, family-centered program that has formed over 85 local and national partnerships over the past eight years. Active partnerships include Children’s Hospital Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, Central Florida YMCA, Edible Education Experience at Emeril Lagasse Foundation Kitchen House and Culinary Garden, Orlando Magic Youth Foundation, Track Shack Foundation, Winter Park Health Foundation and University of Central Florida

Our team of certified, pediatric, weight-management specialists includes an obesity-medicine pediatrician, a child clinical-health psychologist, a registered dietitian and an exercise physiologist. Together, we work with children and their families to learn how to eat healthy, stay active, exercise the mind as well as the body, understand emotions, better understand the body and build positive relationships with friends and family. We also keep families motivated as they work through the process of developing healthy lifestyles for life.

This experienced, pediatric weight-management team has worked with more than 2400 school-age children and adolescents, and amazing transformations have been obtained. Our latest outcomes:

Florida Hospital for Children sponsored colored-coded aprons for the Edible Education Experience at Emeril Lagasse Foundation Kitchen House to help organize students into four distinct groups for seed-to-table learning experiences. Student groups rotate through the garden for sensory tours and to learn about compost and planting vegetables. Groups also cook in the kitchen where they learn new healthy recipes that are easy to replicate at home.

Although childhood obesity statistics may report a leveling off in certain younger age groups, we continue to see a concerning rise in teens with severe obesity — not only locally but across the country. In response to this crisis, we have partnered with and received funding from Florida Hospital CREATION Life employees for specific programming for teens in this category. Programs include a four-week, psychological teen-support group and small group training with our exercise physiologist.

Our goal at Florida Hospital for Children is to give children and families the support needed to reach their goals for a healthier today and for the rest of their lives.

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