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The Connection Between Gut Health and Food

Karen Corbin and Allison Harrell for podcast
Karen Corbin, Ph.D., RD, AdventHealth Translational Research Institute (left) and Allison Harrell, RDN, Culinary Medicine Specialist (right)

On the latest episode of the Inspiring Wholeness podcast, two experts mesh health care, science and cooking in their discussion of calories, gut health and using food as medicine.

Karen Corbin, Ph.D., is an associate investigator and registered dietitian at the AdventHealth Translational Research Institute. Allison Harrell is a sole practitioner, culinary medicine specialist, registered dietitian nutritionist and educator.

“A calorie starts out as an actual calorie, but the magic happens when that calorie goes into the body and how the body utilizes it,” Corbin said.

Listen to this episode to learn about:

  • A recent study by AdventHealth Translational Research Institute and Arizona State University on how the body appears to react differently to calories ingested from high fiber and whole foods versus processed foods.
  • Practical tips for meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking with an emphasis on nutrient-dense foods.
  • One simple change that can be made in the kitchen to support and maintain a healthy gut.

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