A Medical Emergency, Far from Home

Pain seized Michelle's legs while she was with her family at Disney World. Shortly afterwards, she was airlifted to AdventHealth Orlando for a procedure that would save her life. Read her patient story.

Portrait of the Moorings with doctors.
From the Moment We Walked In

The Staff Treated Us Like Family

Michelle and Layton Mooring were vacationing at Disney World with their two kids when pain caught Michelle off guard. She was short of breath and her legs were hurting, so she grabbed onto her husband to catch her balance. They left the park, hoping a little rest might be good for her. But later that night, Michelle blacked out and started vomiting. Layton was worried and stayed by her side until the episode passed. He insisted that they go to the ER immediately.

When they arrived at AdventHealth Celebration, Michelle passed out again and, this time, she was having convulsions. The doctors were still trying to get to the root of the problem and Layton knew then that they would be in Florida much longer than they'd planned. Worried and scared, he called their family in Houston and let them know what was happening. Because of her diagnosis, Michelle had to be airlifted to AdventHealth Orlando where she could receive proper care for her condition. Layton was so grateful to the staff for allowing his kids to tell their mother how much they loved her before putting her on the helicopter. He truly feared this would be the last time he'd ever see Michelle.

The helicopter landed and Michelle was placed in a room where doctors would treat her day in and day out. Layton never left her side. He spent many nights in the waiting area, keeping watch over his wife until her health was restored. Today, Michelle is back home with her family and feeling whole again after the care she received at AdventHealth. She's working full-time and volunteering at her church. Michelle is embracing living each day of her life like the blessing it is.

When the Unexpected Happens

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Being equipped to handle a medical emergency like Michelle's is what we are here for. AdventHealth Orlando has one of the largest ERs in the country with 50 exams rooms, a LEAN tracking system, and an integrated imaging center for seamless care.

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