I Need Access to Medical Records

Records for Your Physician(s)

If your physician is on staff at a AdventHealth facility he or she may access your medical records from their office without your permission. If not, your doctor’s office can be faxed records that you personally request at no charge to you. You must still submit the appropriate authorization form, making sure to include the physician’s name, mailing address, phone number, and fax number.

A form must be completed for each physician to whom you need your records mailed or faxed.

Insurance, Attorney, and Disability Requests

Requests should be sent from your insurance company, attorney, or Disability Determination Service (DDS) and mailed to the address on the authorization form. All charges for medical records will be billed to the requestor.

Radiology/Imaging Films or Other Department Requests

Please contact the department directly that performed this service to facilitate your request.

Birth and Death Certificates

Birth and Death certificates are not available from AdventHealth’s Health Information Management department. These records must be ordered from the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics.