Positive Self-Talk

For Your Heart

Did you know positive self-talk can not only work wonders for your mental health, but it can help boost your physical health as well? In fact, science has indicated that taking positive psychological steps has a strong correlation to improving your heart's health. So, do your heart a favor and give yourself a compliment today - you deserve it!

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Experts in Matters of the Heart

At the AdventHealth Heart and Vascular Institute, we’re elevating heart care in Kansas City through safe and innovative procedures, rehab and recovery. We hold your care to the highest standards, so you can keep putting your heart into everything you do. Discover how we can serve you close to home.

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Know Your Risk

HEARTaware Assessment

When it comes to your heart health, just a few small changes to make a big impact. At AdventHealth, we offer HEARTaware, a free online heart disease risk assessment designed to help you identify your risk factors for developing heart disease. Click below to participate in this quick and free heart risk assessment.