Virtual Nutrition Lunch and Learns

  • Cost: $5 - $15
  • Event Type: Class
  • Nutrition Foundations for Creating a Well-Balanced Plate | Friday, Jan. 8, noon to 1 pm

    This class will get you back to the basics of healthy eating and feeling more confident in your nutrition and food choices. Together we’ll explore the components of a well-balanced plate and you’ll come away with several tangible ideas for making eating healthfully more achievable and enjoyable.

    Healthy Kitchen Makeover | Friday, Jan. 15, noon to 1 pm

    In this educational “show-and-tell” class, you’ll join dietitian Lisa Markley virtually in her own kitchen where she will teach you how to build your pantry and refrigerator with some essential healthy go-to options. You’ll leave this class feeling more confident about how to make healthful ingredient and product swaps to keep you well.

    Elimination Diet 101 | Friday, Jan. 22, noon to 1 pm

    If you’re struggling with food allergies and sensitivities or other pesky symptoms you or your doctor suspect may be food-related, then this class is for you. Dietitian Lisa Markley will guide you through how to do an Elimination Diet to help identify your trigger foods and will share practical elimination diet-friendly meal and snack ideas to help you get to feeling better.

    Gluten-Free Diet: What You Need to Know | Friday, Jan. 29, noon to 1 pm

    You’ve been told by your doctor or dietitian that you need to go gluten-free…now what? This class will teach you the basics of what you need to know to follow a gluten-free diet. We’ll discuss gluten-free food choices focused on improving your health. We’ll also explore label-reading, identify hidden sources of gluten, strategize eating out, and more!

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