All Things Organized: Declutter Series (Creating Peace in Your Papers)

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Presented by Home Organization Coach Joanie Nicholas, this series will motivate you to declutter, reimagine and organize your home. Beginning with the basics of home organization that apply to any decluttering project, then focusing on 4 key areas of your home, you’ll begin creating positive change in your life. You will be inspired to stop procrastinating and gain the skills to accomplish your home organization goals. If you are tired of living in a home that makes you feel stressed instead of refreshed, these workshops are for you!

JAN 12 & JUN 28 - Creating Peace in Your Space

This overview of decluttering & organizing spaces will show you how to break down tasks to reduce that overwhelmed feeling. Learn the “Get Real” questions to determine which items to keep and discover the secrets to creating lasting organizational systems in your home.

FEB 9 & JUL 19 - Creating Peace in Your Kitchen

A happy life begins with good nourishment, but a cluttered, disorganized kitchen makes healthy eating next to impossible! Create a plan to organize your cabinets, pantry, and refrigerator with exactly what YOU need to feed yourself and your family the best way possible.

MAR 9 & AUG 23 - Creating Peace in Your Papers

Stop drowning in papers! From what to do with the mail when it comes into your home, to managing all those sticky-note reminders, to the names to give your file folders, this workshop will give you the tools you need to get that paper under control.

APR 13 & SEP 20 - Creating Peace in Your Clothes Closet

It’s time for that seasonal clothing shift ~ the perfect opportunity to evaluate what clothes you love, and which ones need to go to a new home. Each day begins and ends at the closet. Set yours up to energize your morning and bring you calm in the evening.

MAY 11 & OCT 18 - Creating Peace in Your Garage

Your garage is a place for your vehicle, not a storage facility for who-knows-what! The weather is great at this time of year to tackle garage clutter and get the right organizational tools in place to keep it neat and tidy.


NOV 8 - Organizing Your Way to a Peaceful Holiday Season

Navigate the end of the year with a plan. Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day is filled with busy-ness. Set priorities, establish realistic “To Do” lists, & develop a schedule. Release the chaos to create time for the celebrations & activities that feed your soul & bring you joy.

The $5 fee for each class is non-refundable.

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