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5 Things To Do After Your ER Visit

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Regardless of why you were in the hospital, your number one priority once you leave is to prevent having to repeat your visit. That’s why it’s important to follow the instructions you receive when you’re discharged from the ER.

Use this checklist to support your post-ER recovery and help you receive the follow-up care you need.

1. Make Your Next Appointment

After an ER visit, you may need to see a new health care provider, get tests done or see your primary care provider (PCP). As a general rule, your next appointment should be within seven days of your discharge date and can be in person or via telehealth — a video or phone call.

2. Speak With Your PCP

On your next visit with your PCP, you should let them know about your time in the ER, even if your next appointment after your ER visit is with a specialist. Your PCP can take notes about the symptoms you experienced and the treatments you are now on so they can make sure that you stay healthy.

3. Check Your Symptoms

If you notice any new health issues or if your existing symptoms worsen, let your PCP know. They can ensure that your medication works properly or make changes to help improve your symptoms.

4. Fill Any New Prescriptions

Once discharged from the ER, you may have received a prescription for medication to help control your symptoms. Make sure you get those filled at a pharmacy and always take them as directed. If you have any questions about new over-the-counter drugs or supplements, talk with your PCP or ask the pharmacist.

5. Prioritize Self-Care

This is a crucial time, so get plenty of rest and stay hydrated after leaving the ER. You may need to limit certain activities or even certain foods for a bit based on your doctor’s orders.

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