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AdventHealth Sebring celebrates new class of internal and family medicine residents

SEBRING, Fla. -- More than a dozen medical students are joining AdventHealth Sebring’s incredible team to take their next steps to become physicians.

Match Day, which took place in mid-March, is where students across the country find out where they will continue the next chapter of their medical careers.

New medicine residents were honored during a special event held by program and hospital leaders.
New medicine residents were honored during a special event held by program and hospital leaders at AdventHealth Sebring.

Before Match Day, medical school graduates apply and interview at residency programs in the specialty of their choice and rank their preferences. The residency programs also rank the preferences of students. The rank lists are then matched through the National Residency Match Program, (NRMP).

AdventHealth Sebring is delighted to announce that it has filled all spots for the Internal Medicine and Family Medicine programs. There were eight spots open in each program.

“Graduate Medical Education is the phase following medical school that equips physicians in a specialty to provide compassionate whole-person care,” said Dr. Chad Brands, the Internal Medicine Residency Program Director at AdventHealth Sebring. “We enthusiastically welcome our new resident physician colleagues to the AdventHealth mission and look forward to guiding their journey through medical education as they work with all of us to enhance the health care of our community in Central Florida.”

The mission of the AdventHealth Sebring Internal Medicine Residency program is to deliver exceptional care and the program remains committed to improving the health, prosperity and well-being of the communities it serves. The program aims to train well-rounded, self-reliant internists to practice in both urban communities and rural settings. The program’s primary objective is to enhance the supply of community hospital-oriented internists devoted to serving the public in the region or similar areas of the nation.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to help these exceptional students achieve their goals,” said Dr. Pamela Knickerbocker, the director for AdventHealth Sebring’s Family Medicine Residency Program. “It’s very impactful to have the residency here for family medicine, because we’re able to extend the healing ministry of Christ in a huge way and take care of our community and its members.”

The goal of AdventHealth Sebring’s Family Medicine Residency program is to train family physicians who will be able to provide continuous and comprehensive care across the lifespan to patients and families. The program aims to produce the finest family physicians to meet the personal and population health needs of the South Central Florida Region.

“We are so happy to welcome these extraordinarily talented physicians to our AdventHealth family,” AdventHealth Sebring President and CEO Jason Dunkel said. “We look forward to helping them with their journey to become the next generation of healers and we are thankful to have them help care for our Heartland community.”