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Advanced Care with a Personal Touch

For Your Unique Labor and Delivery Experience

Your life is changing — and a new life is beginning. Caring for you and family during this sacred time is our privilege and calling. Week by week, our caring obstetricians and other specialists provide expert care for you and your baby, from pregnancy education and support classes to labor and delivery to postpartum support. At AdventHealth Ocala, formerly Florida Hospital Ocala, we’re blessed to participate in nearly 2,500 miracles each year — each one unique, precious and world changing in its own way. You’ll find services and special touches to sooth and support you and your baby, body, mind and spirit — and to make your labor and delivery experience as safe, personal and comfortable as possible.

We’re here to help you find the right physician or a location that’s convenient for you.

The Birth Day Experience®

The birth of your baby is one of the most precious moments of your life. We understand how special that moment is.

The Birth Day Experience was specially designed to personalize every step of your birth experience, including a Birth Designer to assist you throughout your journey and special touches to create a one-of-a-kind celebration.

Birth Designer

The Birth Day Experience starts with the Birth Designer – a registered nurse with expertise in labor and delivery, postpartum and newborn care. She provides a personal consultation to customize your birth experience according to your wishes. She can assist with appointments, hospital preregistration, and connect you with programs such as childbirth classes and lactation assistance. When questions arise during your pregnancy, our Birth Designer is here to assist you.

Birth Day Experience

In addition to the Birth Designer, the Birth Day Experience includes the following special touches to help you celebrate your baby’s real first birth day.

  • Your Time Delivery Meal Service
  • An extra special meal for parents
  • Concierge services for you and your family
  • Special surprises

If you would like to schedule a tour to see the birth designer please call  Call352-402-5114 or email OCA.BirthDayExperience@AdventHealth.com

Maternity Care for Every Preference

And Every Possibility

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Couplet Care

Studies show that infants who stay with their mothers cry less, have lower blood pressure, and have more stable temperature, pulse and respiration. In our couplet care program, you and your baby can remain together and receive postpartum support from the same nurse. Couplet care rooms have extra sleeping accommodations for fathers as well so you can both bond with and get to know your baby with caring support and personal attention.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

If your baby needs close monitoring and attention, our level II neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is staffed 24 hours a day with specialized neonatal care nurses, as well as neonatologists within our AdventHealth network. The NICU is designed to care for babies born at or after 32 weeks who weigh more than 3.3 pounds, as well as babies with certain health problems, including the need for short-term ventilator assisted breathing.

Midwife Care

If you choose the traditional services of a midwife, we have midwives on call 24/7 through a partnership with Midwives of Ocala. Your midwife will be certified and a graduate of an accredited American College of Nurse-Midwives program. The midwife program offers:

  • Family planning and birth control, and preconception education and counseling
  • Gynecological exams, pap smears, breast examinations and routine physical examinations
  • Perimenopause counseling
  • Physician consultation and at-risk case management
  • Prenatal care and postpartum follow up
Lactation Services

Breastfeeding is natural and best for your baby — but it does take practice. Our board-certified lactation consultants and counselors work with nurses and physicians to ensure you and your baby’s breastfeeding success. We also offer a prenatal breastfeeding class, as well as a Warm Line Call352-671-2164 in case you have difficulty breastfeeding at home.

Pregnancy Education and Support Classes for New Parents

If this is your first birth experience, consider taking our pregnancy education and support class for first-time parents. A certified instructor will share information about what to expect during your last trimester, exercise, labor and delivery, breathing and relaxation techniques, postpartum care and newborn care. Evening and Saturday classes are available.

If you’re considering breastfeeding, we highly recommend our preparation for breastfeeding class. You’ll learn about how to get started, latching, breastfeeding challenges, pumping and storing milk, and breastfeeding after returning to work.

To learn more about living with a newborn, you can watch the Newborn Channel 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in our Women’s Center. This channel gives new parents useful advice on everything from car seats and fatherhood to comforting a crying baby and immunizations. AdventHealth Ocala does not endorse the advertisers or the advice given on the Newborn Channel.

To learn more about classes or to register, call Call352-467-7853 or register directly through our events


A Standard of Excellence in Neonatal Care

AdventHealth for Children is recognized by U.S. News & World Report as the Best Children's Hospital for newborn care in Florida. 

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Delivering Miracles Every Day

All the obstetricians and other specialists at AdventHealth Ocala, formerly Florida Hospital Ocala, dedicate their careers to bringing new lives into the world, nurturing moms and babies, and giving parents and babies the best possible start.

Room for the Ones You Love

Share Your Birth Experience

Childbirth is a family event, and you’re welcome to include your closest loved ones. Each room has a pull out bed for you significant other, and you can include up to three loved ones in the labor and delivery room.