Phone Directory

AdventHealth Manchester

210 Marie Langdon Drive, Manchester, KY  40962

Call AdventHealth Manchester at606-598-5104

Departments Phone Number
Accounting Call Accounting at 606-599-2503
Administration Call Administration at 606-598-1081
Behavioral Health Counseling Call Behavioral Health Counseling at 606-598-4539
Behavioral Health MAT Call Behavioral Health MAT at 606-598-4538
Billing Call Billing at 800-347-5281
Chaplain Call Chaplain at 606-598-1016
Community Outreach Call Community Outreach at 606-598-1095
CREATION Life Transportation Call CREATION Life Transportation at 606-598-1096
Customer Service Call Customer Service at 800-347-5281
Emergency Room Call Emergency Room at 606-658-4948
Financial Assistance Call Financial Assistance at 606-598-5104 x3167
Foundation Call Foundation at 606-598-1070
General Surgery Call General Surgery at 606-598-4537
Gift Gallery Call Gift Gallery at 606-598-1029
Human Resources Call Human Resources at 606-598-1001
Imaging Call Imaging at 606-598-5104
London Parkway Clinic Call London Parkway Clinic at 606-878-9611
McKee Clinic Call McKee Clinic at 606-287-3444
Oneida Clinic Call Oneida Clinic at 606-847-4000
Orthopedics & Spine Call Orthopedics & Spine at 606-598-4529
Pediatrics Call Pediatrics at 606-599-4080
Primary Care Clinic Call Primary Care Clinic at 606-599-4080
Red Bird Clinic Call Red Bird Clinic at 606-599-2525
Sports Med & Rehab Garrad Call Sports Med & Rehab Garrad at 606-598-4506
Sports Med & Rehab London Call Sports Med & Rehab London at 606-864-2788
Sports Med & Rehab Manchester Call Sports Med & Rehab Manchester at 606-599-1709
Sports Med & Rehab McKee Call Sports Med & Rehab McKee at 606-287-8927
Urology Call Urology at 606-598-4500
Volunteer Line Call Volunteer Line at 606-598-5104 x3184
Women’s Care Call Women’s Care at 606-599-4080
Wound Care Call Wound Care at 606-598-4524

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