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AdventHealth Global Missions - Healthy Homes Project

For this project, a team of students from Western Illinois University, representing Campus Students for Christ, partnered with Red Bird Mission to work on a local home.

The vision of Global Missions is to create a community and culture at AdventHealth where every employee and physician has the opportunity to extend the healing ministry of Christ beyond their employed duties. We seek to have a mission-driven healthcare community where caregivers feel inspired to give their time and talents to those who need them—whether that need is at home or abroad.

AdventHealth Manchester has been a proud participant in the Healthy Homes Program since 2009. The Healthy Homes Initiative (HHI) utilizes a comprehensive approach to addressing housing hazards in a coordinated manner. HHI builds on community partnerships to assess homes for environmental health and safety concerns, including mold, lead, carbon monoxide, pesticides, and radon. Through the support of the HHI and established partnerships with Global Missions, up to forty home repairs are completed annually. In addition to completing significant repairs, such as water intrusion and eradication, accessibility concerns are also addressed. Some common modifications include the installation of ramps, guard rails, handrails, and above-bed pulling devices.

From the air you breathe, the sights you see, and to how you’re able to access your daily needs, your home can either be your sanctuary and support a healthful life, or it can be a stressor and a barrier to living a healthful life. For some, especially those with disabilities, chronic health conditions, and financial constraints, attaining a home that meets physical, emotional, and spiritual needs isn’t possible without help.

“For a home to be healthy, it’s not just about access; we make sure an individual has the opportunity to go outside in a safe environment, breathe fresh air, see flowers — whatever it takes. Personally, I came a long way from being a carpenter to understanding there’s a lot more to creating a healthy home than just building a wheelchair ramp,” says David Watson, Executive Director.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who made this project possible.