Stayin' Alive: Best Songs for CPR

Four children learn CPR from an adult poolside.

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The Bee Gees didn't know they were creating what would become a CPR anthem when they recorded Stayin' Alive in 1977. But it's not the top song for everyone doing CPR. What makes Stayin' Alive such a great CPR song is its pace. There are a wide variety of other songs that fit into this category, too. To help you understand and remember proper chest compression pace, we've compiled a whole list of popular songs to think of if you need to perform CPR.

100 Beats Per Minute

The American Heart Association recommends having a song in mind if and when you need to perform CPR because it'll help you maintain a steady rhythm of 100 to 120 BPM (beats per minute). And while the rhythm is very important, so are the quality of the compressions. Performing CPR is hard work, especially if you have to do it for a long period of time. If you start to get tired and think that your compressions are becoming too shallow, ask for relief from someone nearby who can jump in and help until EMS arrives.

Here are a few examples of other songs with a tempo of around 100 BPM.

Songs at CPR Compression Pace

For a longer list of songs, and a demonstration on how to do hands only CPR, check out this link from The Today Show. And for more information on CPR or how to get certified, check out the American Heart Association's CPR page.

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