Child being held in the air with outstretched arms

Real-Time Monitoring That's High-Tech and Kid-Friendly

Located at the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at AdventHealth for Children our specially designed eight-bed Epilepsy Monitoring Unit allows our team of epilepsy experts to observe your child in real time, using the latest digital diagnostic equipment to assess, diagnose and treat your child’s epilepsy.

This includes all-digital video EEG equipment, MRI, ictal SPECT, FDG-PET and other diagnostic and testing tools to give our team an accurate picture of your child’s condition and help us create the best possible seizure treatment plan.

An Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

Designed with Your Child in Mind

Because real-time monitoring can be unsettling to young patients and their family members, the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at AdventHealth for Children has been designed to be extremely child friendly. Child Life team members will help your child prepare for his/her stay in the unit as well as for any procedures required, including surgery. We are dedicated to making a visit to the hospital as scare-free as possible and our Comprehensive Epilepsy Center and Epilepsy Monitoring Unit are no exception.

By combining leading edge clinical care, cutting-edge research and the very best tools available, our team will use the results of your study to develop an individualized seizure treatment plan that fits your child’s medical, psychological and social needs. Every procedure will be explained to you in clear terms, with no jargon, so you can make an informed decision about your child’s care every step of the way.