A physician reviewing MEG images on a computer monitor

Technology That Gives You Answers

AdventHealth for Children is home to the most exciting advancement in neuroimaging in decades: magnetoencephalography, or MEG for short. This non-surgical brain-mapping procedure gives our doctors the most accurate picture of where and when brain activity occurs, tracking moment-to-moment brain activity down to the millisecond. With MEG, we can pinpoint areas of the brain where abnormal activity occurs, arming us with answers that can inform the best treatment for your child.

Safe, Accurate Neuroimaging Technology

Our experts are here to help you understand MEG, so you can be informed and feel empowered to make the best choices for your child’s care.

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A patient undergoing a MEG scan while a physician oversees the procedure.

Home to Florida's First MEG Scanner

AdventHealth Orlando was home to the first MEG scanner in the state of Florida, installed in 2013. Today, the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at AdventHealth for Children is the only program in the state of Florida offering MEG, allowing us to provide our patients with the most advanced care available. Since 2013, we’ve helped more than 1,000 patients using this advanced neuroimaging modality expedites diagnoses and treatment.

Step Inside Our MEG Lab

At AdventHealth Orlando, our state-of-the-art MEG lab helps give our clinicians answers about each patient’s health, so we can make the most accurate and informed treatment plans.

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Physician on tablet

For Physicians: Refer a Patient for a MEG Study

If you’d like to refer one of your patients for a MEG scan, please contact our MEG coordinator Michelle Curtier at 403-303-7520, or via email: [email protected]