Two infants seated on the, held by their parents, holding baby instruments
Using the Power of Sound

To Heal the Body and Soothe the Soul

From birth, music can have a profound effect on the growth and development of children. Music can soothe and pacify, promote learning and offer a sense of security in a time of uncertainty. At AdventHealth for Children, the team of highly trained music therapists use live music therapy interventions to help children physiologically, neurologically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

Empowering Your Child’s Journey

To Whole-Person Health

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Grandfather playing guitar for grandson while grandson plays the cymbals

The Benefits of Music Therapy Services

Music therapy is the clinical use of music by a board-certified music therapist (MT-BC) to help each patient reach their individual goals. Some of the goals we work toward with our pediatric population children include:

  • Decreasing symptoms of depression, isolation and anxiety
  • Eliminating or decreasing sedation for pediatric procedures
  • Improving functional communication
  • Improving neurological development
  • Increasing and promoting positive coping skills
  • Increasing a sense of control
  • Increasing quality of life
  • Increasing socialization
  • Normalizing the hospital environment
  • Pain reduction and management
  • Promote developmental milestones
  • Promoting motor rehabilitation and development
  • Providing emotional support and expression

The board-certified music therapists who work with your child use music interventions that are informed and shown effective by research evidence, music therapy theory and clinical practice. These therapeutic treatments include improvisation, songwriting, lyric analysis, song discussion, music assisted relaxation and imagery, therapeutic instrumental music performance, and developmental speech/language and cognitive musical exercises.

A young Caucasian girl plays the xylophone with her Asian music therapist.

Service Hours and Contact Information

The inpatient music therapy team is available Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5:30 pm. Once a referral has been made by your doctor, a music therapist will provide therapy based on your child’s needs. If your child is undergoing a certain procedure that you’d like music therapy to assist with after normal business hours, please contact the music therapy staff for availability.

If you have any questions about our inpatient and outpatient music therapy services or would like to speak with a therapist, please call Rich Moats, MT-BC, music therapy manager at Call407-303-5600, ext. 110-3167.