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Birthmarks are discolored areas of skin that appear at birth or shortly after birth. Over 80% of babies may have some kind of birthmark. There are many types of birthmarks. Most are benign, but some may be problematic. At AdventHealth for Children our goal is to help you have a diagnosis and birthmark treatment plan as early as possible.

Causes of Birthmarks

There are numerous types of birthmarks including marks made from pigment cells or marks made from blood vessels. The cause of most birthmarks are unknown, however, some lesions may be inherited and may be due to genetics. There is no way to prevent birthmarks as these lesions are not caused by anything done during pregnancy or trauma at birth.


Birthmark Types

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See the Incredible Transformations

The greatest rewards are the smiles of our pediatric patients and their families. Hear the stories of some little ones who have experienced birthmark surgery and see their inspiring before and after photos.

Birthmark Treatment

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