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The Miracle of

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Thanks to advances in medicine, many surgeries can be performed on children through an opening no bigger than a dime, and in many cases even smaller. Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) features the use of laparoscopic devices and remotely controlled instruments to perform surgical procedures. Instead of making large incisions as in the past, highly trained surgeons insert two small tubes into these openings. One carries a fiber optic camera with a light source while the other has miniaturized instruments. Thanks to MIS, the team at AdventHealth for Children can perform very precise surgical procedures through very small holes, often requiring just a stitch or two to close.

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Far-Reaching Benefits

For children, minimally invasive surgery from the surgeons at AdventHealth for Children means that recovery times are reduced from weeks to just days in many cases. For a major surgical procedure, the recovery time can be cut almost in half. What’s more, there’s less stress on the child and a reduced chance of complications or infection. Scarring is also reduced.

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