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Carlyle Walton, president and CEO of Metroplex Health System

Metroplex Health System (MHS) announced on Tuesday that its President and CEO Carlyle Walton has accepted the position of President of the Adventist Health Policy Association (AHPA), a public policy and advocacy association for the 90 Adventist Hospitals across the United States.

“We appreciate the contributions Carlyle has made at Metroplex during the last nine years,” said Ken Finch, chairman of the board at Metroplex. “Carlyle will be very effective in leading our advocacy efforts with his strong healthcare background and years of experience in the Texas Hospital Association Board. We wish him well in his new role.”

MHS has begun the recruitment process to find a strong leader who will continue the tradition of caring for their patients and community body, mind and spirit.

“I leave, knowing that with the team in place, Metroplex is poised for a positive trajectory,” Walton said in an email to Metroplex employees.

As President of AHPA, Walton will work with the AHPA board of directors and leading healthcare advocacy and public policy organizations, such as the American Heart Association and Catholic Health Association, in crafting a whole-care, patient-focused national healthcare agenda. Walton will begin serving in his new role on July 2.

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