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Jessica Ganceres

Jessica Ganceres

With nearly 40 years in the field of clinical laboratory science, AdventHealth Central Texas’ Laboratory Assistant Administrative Director Jessica Ganceres is without a doubt one of the Top Women in Healthcare. Beginning in 1979 as Coast Guard Hospital Corpsman and Medical Laboratory Technician, Ganceres has progressed in her career mostly within the walls of AdventHealth Central Texas; growing from her entry-level laboratory generalist position to Hematology Department Supervisor to now as the hospital laboratory’s Assistant Administrative Director. Her success as a top woman in healthcare comes from a supportive family and desire for scientific discovery. “I owe a great debt of gratitude to my husband and kids for their support along the way,” Ganceres says. “My desire to help others and my love for all things science and microscopic made this the perfect field for me.”

Why did I enter the health care field?

My love for all things science and microscopic was encouraged by my parents and my own family had need of numerous health care experts and I wanted to do what I could to help others. Laboratory science was a good fit for me.

What does it mean to be a “Woman in Healthcare”?

Healthcare is caring for people. Human beings using their gifts and talents to help human beings in need of healing. I feel a sense of joy when my “gift” can be used to provide a better outcome for a patient or answer questions for clinicians caring for patients.

What would I go back and tell myself on the first day of the job?

There have been so many challenges throughout my career. Balancing family and school, balancing family and work. Sometimes it was overwhelming. I would want my younger self to know sooner that all of the challenges would be worth the work to overcome them. The bad days really do not last forever.

How do you balance your personal and professional life?

The quest for balance has been a long one. Through the years, I have made it a priority to stay active in my Church. My husband and I value our relationship with God and enjoy the work we do with our church community. The whole family communicates and collaborates to make the family celebrations work. My husband and I set aside time for the two of us. We take time to journey to other places and to ride our bicycles, and work in our yard.

What lessons have I learned in my role?

In my career I have learned many lessons. Prayer is powerful; trust my instincts; to take a deep breath and think when a crisis occurs; expect change and expect challenges; people make the difference. Listening, and encouraging are important elements in our culture. Fostering a sense of belonging amongst the team members results in a better work environment and higher level of commitment to the mission of caring for our patients.

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