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AdventHealth Rollins Brook Kitchen Fundraiser

AdventHealth Rollins Brook has been a Lampasas mainstay in its more than 80 years of existence. Founded by Doctors Herbert Bailey Rollins and W.M. Brook in 1935, the small hospital has weathered the storms of financial difficulties as many small hospitals do, however the community around it has rallied around it and supported their hometown hospital with fundraisers to keep the lights on and doors open and become the only community hospital to survive bankruptcy. AdventHealth purchased the hospital in 1997 and has since added a beautiful new surgery wing, providing the surrounding communities with even more complete healthcare than before.

The time has come for AdventHealth Rollins Brook to upgrade and renovate its tiny, outdated and extremely necessary kitchen. Although clean and very tidy, it is easy to understand the need to bring this kitchen into the 21st century by seeing the very old and outdated equipment. The kitchen space was designed and built for a smaller community hospital by mid 20th century standards, stoves, ovens and burners that function at barely 50%, making preparation for up to 50 meals a day difficult and time consuming.
In addition to equipment functionality and meal-prep times being much longer than necessary, the smaller area can be a safety concern in 21st century regulations, thus requiring a renovated kitchen that is larger in working area with modern kitchen equipment to make it easier and more time efficient for kitchen staff to provide the up to 50 meals needed each day for the people needing nourishment during hospital stays.

Right now, hospital leaders are finalizing the renovation plans, and they will include expanding the space to a total of about 500 square feet, including plentiful and efficient storage and brand-new kitchen equipment. In addition, a pleasant dining space will be added to accommodate up to 12 hospital staff, patient family members, and visitors.

The best part of this renovation is that approximately $400,000 of the cost of construction work has already been raised, primarily from two very generous private donations, and the AdventHealth Central Texas Foundation is asking for help raising the final $25,000 to purchase the new kitchen equipment needed. Each and every gift matters, as little as $1, $10, $100, $1,000 or even more will help us reach our $25,000 goal.

Gifts can be mailed to: AdventHealth Central Texas Foundation, 2201 S. Clear Creek Rd, Killeen, TX 76549 or to give a gift by credit card you can call Tony Mino at Call254-519-8307 or email [email protected].