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Volunteer of the Month | Connie Brink

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a photo of Connie Brink

A long-time employee of AdventHealth, 22 years ago, Connie Brink became the Outreach Coordinator and trainer for the Center for Community Health Ministry in the Osceola market. Currently, she serves as the Consumer Access Manager at Celebration, overseeing the frontline entry points for that hospital.

Connie considers it a privilege and a blessing to be among the founding members of Generosity Champions – Employee Giving. She also serves as the program’s Ambassador on the Celebration campus.

Connie says, “With a faith-based enterprise that has a mission of extending the healing ministry of Christ, Employee Giving is a simple, yet compelling demonstration of how each of us can live that mission. Christ reminds us in Matthew’s Gospel that we are to be a light shining before others so that they see our good works and give God, the Father, the glory (Matthew 5:16). One very powerful way we shine our light at Celebration campus that is also found at other AdventHealth campuses/locations is our Employee Food Pantry held every two weeks. The response to this vital assistance program has been overwhelming! Until one sees the program in action, it is challenging to understand how great the need is for fellow AdventHealth employees with food insecurities. By taking the edge off this need, the blessings I personally receive are beyond measure.”

Employees like Connie are truly Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ every day.

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