They Didn't Grieve Alone

Comforting Hands
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Geoffrey’s wife, Marcela, was diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer. It was the year their only son, George, celebrated his second birthday. Marcela was ill for three years. During that time, hope and opportunity came for Geoffrey and George in the form of Hospice Bereavement Services, offered at no cost to families.

While his mother was sick, George asked his dad, “When is Mommy going to die?”

“Children ask blunt questions,” Geoffrey recalls in a quiet voice. “Hospice helped me talk to George and helped him share his feelings.”

When Marcela passed away, Geoffrey attended the Bereavement Widows Support Group and he spoke at a candlelight memorial service. A Bereavement Children’s Loss Educator continues to support George as needed.

“Hospice is still there for us as we continue the healing process,” Geoffrey smiles. “They’ve had our best interest at heart.”

George and Geoffrey’s story is a testimony of the life-changing effect Hospice Bereavement Services can have in someone’s life. There are many more people in our community in need of this kind of care – and with your support, it is possible.

Hospice Bereavement Services include:

  • Counseling support for adults, teens and children
  • Community referrals and resources
  • Annual events such as memorial services

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