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There are several online support groups with people ready and willing to share their experiences, help you navigate the ever-changing T1D world and keep you up-to-date on the latest research.

Click to connect with other T1D patients and parents on Facebook.

JDRF virtual events are also a great way to stay connected and safe while staying up-to-date on research and continuing the fight against T1D. Upcoming monthly events include:

“Ask the Endo” free virtual sessions
Now until July, 2022
8am-9am (PST) Every third Tuesday of the month

“Ask the Therapist” free virtual session
Now until July, 2022
8am-9am (PST) Every first Wednesday of the month

Children with Diabetes hosts conferences during the year for families and individuals with diabetes to attend for education and to connect with other families dealing with T1D. The largest annual conference is headquartered here in Orlando every July. Find out more at,

Engage with your peers and the communities on Twitter with these hashtags:

#DIABETES #DOC #DSMA #peersupport #T1D #type1diabetes #T2D #type2diabetes #Livebeyond #wearennotwaiting #nightscout

Click here to learn more about diabetes care and support.

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