Abby’s Last-Minute Decision Brought Her to AdventHealth for Women

Abby and her Daughter

Abby and her husband Todd were pregnant with their first baby when they had a bad experience during an appointment at their doctor. After waiting six hours to see a doctor and watching women laboring in the lobby with no one to help, the couple knew they had to find a new hospital.

Abby and Todd were concerned when their unborn baby’s heart began slowing down and wanted to make sure they received the best care possible throughout the pregnancy. Abby found Heather Collins, a Birth Care Coordinator at AdventHealth, just three days before giving birth. Heather gave the couple a tour of the hospital and was able to get Abby admitted right away. As stressful as it was to change hospitals last minute, she knew she had found the right place to give birth to her daughter.

Abby felt nostalgic since she was also born at AdventHealth, previously called Florida Hospital, in 1982. She says coming back to AdventHealth was special because it felt like home to her.

When Abby went into labor, she was first in line to receive an epidural due to her baby’s heart rate diagnosis. Shortly after Hurricane Michael hit Florida, Abby gave birth on October 18, 2018 to a healthy baby girl named Charleston Camryn.

“Everyone that cared for us was the best. We found ourselves saying that over and over again. We encountered team members and every single one – from housekeeping, to room service, to our nurses and midwife to the security and valet – every point of interaction exceeded our expectations. I’d like to send a special thanks to our team.”

The couple is so thankful for all the health care professionals that took care of them and made them feel like family during the birth of their daughter.

Do you have a caregiver that was there for you during one of the most important moments in your life?

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