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AdventHealth discusses how genomic work will help combat COVID-19 and improve outcomes for patients with other diseases

ORLANDO, Fla., April 1, 2021 – AdventHealth is beginning to sequence the genomes of a subset of COVID-19 cases to better understand variants present in the community and to understand if those results might change the evidence-based COVID care the hospital system provides to patients.

The process, in partnership with genomic testing company Helix, is in the early stages, said Dr. Wes Walker, director of AdventHealth’s genomics program, on today’s AdventHealth Morning Briefing.

Over time, knowledge about the variants could help the hospital system prepare for treating infections and potentially help tailor treatments, he said.

Variants, however, don’t change the most important evidence-based ways of preventing transmission of the virus: wearing a mask, frequent hand-washing, social distancing and getting a vaccine when available. Preventing the spread of the virus stops new mutations from occurring.

The number of patients with COVID-19 in AdventHealth’s Central Florida hospitals showed only a slight decline this week to about 330, reinforcing the need for the community to remain vigilant about preventing new infections with continued masking, social distancing and good hygiene practices.

Sequencing COVID-19 cases is only one piece of the genomics work underway at AdventHealth, which is also working with a partner to rapidly sequence the genomes of critically ill newborns and last year launched a study called WholeMe.

The study is recruiting participants from the community, who will receive a variety of ancestry and health information based on their own genome such as risk for heart disease or certain cancers.

That information could allow patients and their doctors to catch diseases early or even prevent some diseases, said Rebecca Essner, Ph.D., a research scientist and principal investigator for WholeMe.

WholeMe is free for participants. Go to for more information.

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