What a Health Care Center of Excellence Means for You

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These days we hear the term “center of excellence” more and more often. And while it likely evokes a certain level of confidence in a business or service, we may not fully understand what it means.

Becoming a center of excellence (COE) is not just a health care thing. It’s a quality milestone used across all types of industries and organizations. COEs are defined simply as a team, facility or organization that provides leadership, best practices, research and training for a focus area. That means companies that qualify as COEs, don’t just deliver quality goods or services; they do truly exceptional work — setting the bar for everyone else in their industry.

Since more goes into attaining this esteemed commendation than most of us realize, knowing what it can mean in terms of the quality of service you can expect — especially for medical care — can go a long way in helping you make the best possible decision on where you want to seek services. Get the details, so you know which health systems and specialty programs you can count on for the highest level of care.

COE-Designated Healthcare Programs Provide Advanced, Specialized Care

In health care, a center of excellence accreditation is awarded to medical programs that treat complex medical conditions while meeting the most rigorous quality, safety and patient experience standards. COEs most often include specialties like cancer care, heart care, neurology and orthopedics to name just a few. To become a COE, a health care program must:

  • Be committed to providing the highest level of care to every patient, every time
  • Conduct research that translates into improved treatment options and patient outcomes
  • Demonstrate quality differentiation of their services, equipment and technologies
  • Enact a culture of continuous improvement
  • Have a strong reputation in the medical community and the area it serves

These specialized programs offer concentrated expertise and resources to develop best practices, and the most effective treatments available. As a center of excellence patient, you can expect:

Access to World-Class Specialists

Seeking treatment from an accredited program means you’ll have access to world-class doctors, nurses and other professionals across many specialties — all working together to bring you the highest-quality, most comprehensive and specialized care possible. Each member of your center of excellence care team is specially trained and certified on your specific condition. In fact, these are the doctors entrusted to train our next generation of doctors.

A Full Range of Services

Each COE offers a full range of services tailored to meet patients’ needs, from wellness services and screenings to the most advanced care for the most severe cases.

An Exceptional Patient Experience

From the start of your healthcare journey through treatment and into recovery, you can count on your COE to be at your side every step of the way — whether that means helping you and your family better understand your condition, managing your symptoms and medications or simply praying with you.


Managing the logistics of treatment when you have a complex medical condition — such as coordinating your appointments and traveling from office to office — can be quite a challenge.

Centers of Excellence have knowledgeable staff who can help make it easy for you during treatment. Our Orthopedic Care Navigator is your single point of contact who will guide you through the health care system and help you understand your options, overcome barriers, and make informed decisions about your treatment.

The Care Navigator will coordinate with your multidisciplinary team to help schedule your appointments, assist you through the surgical and rehab process, and answer all of your questions along the way.

Coordinated Care

When treating highly complex medical conditions, there are many benefits to having specialists work together. The coordination of care that happens at a COE allows your doctors to easily exchange information, learn from one another, and treat you more holistically.

Focused Expertise

Getting care from a COE team means that each member is focused solely on your specific disease. They focus on one thing — orthopedics for example — ALL of the time.

AdventHealth is an Orthopedic Center of Excellence

When you come to us for orthopedic care, you’ll have the same world-class orthopedic and sports medicine care we provide some of the nation’s finest athletes, with the same exceptional patient experience. Our highly expert and experienced orthopedic surgeons and nurses provide accurate diagnosis and the latest minimally invasive surgical and nonsurgical therapies for joint pain and musculoskeletal conditions such as fractures, ACL tears of the knee and shoulder dislocation.

Count on AdventHealth for exceptional orthopedic medical expertise, technological resources and a comprehensive, multidisciplinary environment. We can help you heal in body, mind, and spirit. Schedule an Appointment today.

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