Week of Spiritual Renewal - Day 5

Sunset over the sand dunes by the ocean.
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It's impossible to experience the grace of God without first grasping the message of the cross. God's love was demonstrated for you most fully by the gift of His only Son. Jesus offered His own life on the cross, so that you could receive the grace of God.

Watch today's video here and reflect on the questions below:

  • What are some ways people try to earn God's favor? How have you tried to bargain with God in the past to get what you want?
  • How does our pride stand in the way of our receiving God's grace?
  • The gift of grace cost Jesus His life, but God offers it to you free of charge. What should be your response to this gift of grace?

Until tomorrow, may your day be filled with His grace today.

Ted Hamilton

Senior Vice President, Mission & Ministry


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