The Surprise Package

A leader is pleased to recognize the AdventHealth Winter Park rehab team using the contents of an unexpected delivery.
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A few weeks ago, I came into my office to find a very large package sitting on my desk. It was quite out of place and unexpected. When I opened it, I found several laminated certificates and a beautiful letter from a former patient that read:

"My wife and I wish to express our heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Nicholas Bagnoli and his staff for their kindness and excellent care during my rehabilitation at your hospital. Dr. Bagnoli is an extraordinary doctor with great bedside manners. He and his staff were persistent and committed to my health and well-being. They did everything possible to ensure I was as rested and pain-free as possible. Thank you, Dr. Bagnoli and staff.

“Being from out of state, we feared the insurance paperwork would be a nightmare, but your competent staff, including Sharon Kennedy and Jodie Menth, knew exactly what to do. In a surprisingly short time, they processed and faxed the required form to me and the insurance company. Thank you, Jodie and Sharon."

The certificates of appreciation recognized Sharon Kennedy, Anya Meckstroth, Charlene Broomfield-Caines, Eunice Mbakulirahi, Julissa Soto, Susan Lewin, Haley Andrews, Eileen Motos, Jessica Jacobus, Nicoleann De La Torre, and Jodie Menth.

In all my years, I have never seen anything like this! We recently held a lunch for the rehab team and presented the certificates to the very deserving staff. I appreciate each and every one of you for the outstanding care you provide to our patients day after day.

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