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Safely Accessing the Cancer Care You Need

A health care worker temperature testing a patient.
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We want to assure you that no matter where you are in your cancer journey — newly diagnosed, undergoing cancer treatment or in remission — our expert team of oncologists, radiologists, cancer surgeons and nurses are here to provide you with the cancer care you need, with your safety top of mind.

At AdventHealth, nothing is more important to us than you, and we are taking several extra measures to help keep you safe when you’re in our care.

Your Health and Safety Are Our Priority

It’s understandable to be concerned about your health when you need to leave home for cancer treatment. When you visit your provider’s office, you’ll notice a few new measures we’ve put in place to protect you and your family.

Temperature screening. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), most people with symptoms of coronavirus have a fever. To check for this symptom, all patients and visitors will have their temperature taken before they can enter the facility. Those who have a fever or other symptoms will be sent to a designated area for further evaluation.

Daily monitoring of providers and staff. We monitor all health care providers and staff daily for any symptoms, including daily temperature checks.

Everyone wears a mask. The CDC has urged everyone to wear a mask or cloth face covering while in public to help slow the spread of illness. In line with these guidelines, we require all patients, guests and staff to wear a mask while in any of our facilities. We have plenty of masks and can provide one for you when you arrive.

Social distancing measures. We’ve made some changes in our facilities to help maintain social distance and minimize your contact with others. These include:

  • Limiting the number of people in each facility

  • Plastic shields at registration areas

  • Redesigned waiting rooms

In addition, some providers’ offices may offer the option to wait in your car when you arrive. You’ll receive a text when they’re ready to see you.

Separate care for people who are sick. If someone has a fever or other concerning symptoms, we have processes in place to provide them with care in a separate area, apart from other patients.

Stay in Touch with Your Doctor Virtually

Feel free to reach out to your doctor with questions or concerns about your diagnosis, cancer treatment plan or overall health. With telehealth, it’s easy to talk virtually with your oncology provider about any care you need. For some types of care, you may even be able to have a video visit with your doctor from the comfort of home.

During a video visit, you can talk with your doctor about any concerns or symptoms and decide together your next steps for what type of care you might need. You can discuss topics such as:

  • Connecting with services in our integrated wellness network

  • Minimally invasive surgery and other types of advanced cancer treatments

  • More targeted types of radiation therapy

  • Nonsurgical options for treatment

  • Questions about your treatment plan

  • Results of any recent screenings

  • Treatment options

We’re Ready When You’re Ready

We’re here to provide you with the expert, trusted, whole-person care you’ve come to expect from AdventHealth. Learn more about our cancer care services and the precautions we’re taking to keep you healthy.

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