The Power of Laughter

Family laughing on couch
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Feel Whole Challenge Day 16: Make Someone Laugh

Day 16 of the Feel Whole Challenge is all about making someone laugh. Studies have shown that laughter provides a multitude of benefits, including lower blood pressure, release of endorphins, decreased stress and even developing ab muscles! Who doesn't love to laugh?

Laughter truly is the best medicine. There's nothing like having a good belly laugh with your family and friends, especially after a long day. With our full-time schedules, my husband and I love to wind down at home with the kids. This usually means hanging out in our family room after dinner and playing outside. Why is it that kids find more energy and are incredibly goofy right before bedtime?

Family laughing in kitchen

I believe the most important gift that we can give our children is our time and attention. When we do have that time with them, we try to make it a habit to really focus on them. We aren't always successful with this but we realize as the kids get older that quality time is so precious. More than anything, kids want to spend time with you and know that you love them.

Family laughing on couch

With the daily stresses of life, it's important for us to stay grounded and focus on the things that truly matter. Sometimes, it's as simple as hearing about our kids' days and finding joy in their stories. If you have a child like ours, that usually means very long stories with as many details as possible.

These small, mundane moments are reminders to me that they matter most. Hopefully, as our kids get older, they will remember that mom and dad spent time with them laughing a whole lot and enjoying just being with them. They will remember the tickle tortures, dance nights and silly shenanigans we did as a family. It's a gentle push to be a little more silly, dance always, sing a little louder and jump in the pool.

I loved that this challenge was a reminder to focus on each other and to do the simple things that bring joy and laughter.

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Writer: Yuni Min

Yuni is an interior designer, professional stager and blogger. When she’s not staging homes, she’s caring for her children and foster children or posting her favorite recipes. A natural for design, she finds interior decoration serves as a creative outlet that allows her to feel centered and whole.

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