The Patient’s Advocate

A nurse at AdventHealth Hendersonville is recognized for advocating on a patient’s behalf.
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A couple of months ago, Kelli Stike, a nurse at AdventHealth Hendersonville, was seeing a patient for a pre-surgery work up and anesthesia interview for an elective procedure. That is when it came to her attention that the patient had a low platelet count.

As the surgery nurse navigator, Kelli is the patient’s advocate. She discussed her concerns over proceeding with the pre-surgery lab work with one of the AdventHealth Hendersonville physicians, who shared the recommendation to not proceed with the patient and his wife. Through this patient advocacy process, the care team was able to postpone the surgery until the patient was in a more optimal health state.

Both the patient and his wife were very appreciative and expressed their sincere gratitude for Kelli and her willingness to speak up on their behalf.

Kelli’s dedication to excellent whole person care – body, mind and spirit – demonstrates that her care expertise is deserving of her recent Daisy Award, which recognizes extraordinary nurses.

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