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The New Face of Protection: Our Mask Policy

A group of nurses wearing face masks.
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As U.S. states begin to reopen in phases, we have begun to reopen many of our facilities, too. And as each facility reopens, we’re taking many steps to ensure your safety. We encourage you to come in for an office-based visit, schedule an elective procedure if appropriate and get back on track with all your health care needs.

Your Safety at In-Person Visits Is a Top Priority

Whether it’s time for a checkup, you have a medical condition that needs monitoring or an injury or new symptoms that need evaluating, our physicians and medical staff look forward to seeing you in person again soon.

One of the first things you may notice when you return to our facilities is our smiling eyes behind face masks. To keep you and your family safe, we’re implementing some new safety measures, including our new face mask policy.

Face Masks for Everyone

The CDC urges everyone to wear cloth face coverings when in public. A cloth face mask that covers your nose and mouth may help protect other people in case you are sick. It’s possible to spread illness to others even if you don’t feel sick or have symptoms. A cloth face mask that fits snugly across your face can help slow the spread of viruses.

To support this important safety recommendation, all AdventHealth team members and physicians must wear medical-grade surgical or ear loop masks. Rest assured that we have supplies of personal protective equipment, including masks, for our health care providers.

And we’ll have a face mask for you, too. We require all patients and guests in our facilities to wear masks, for everyone’s safety. Because nothing is more important to us than your health.

Facing the Future With Extra Safety Measures

Requiring face masks for patients, visitors, physicians and team members is just one of many safety measures we’re implementing to protect you and keep you safe. Here are other steps we’re taking:

Cleaning and Disinfecting

We’ve enhanced our robust cleaning and sterilization and disinfectant processes and added more sanitization stations at each of our hospitals. All common areas, patient rooms and waiting rooms are cleaned frequently, for everyone’s protection and safety.

Enhanced Social Distancing Measures

Social distancing is now standard practice at our facilities. Waiting rooms have been re-configured to maintain a 6-foot distance from adjacent seats. Many of our facilities provide an added measure of safety: Instead of waiting in the waiting room for your appointment, you can check in virtually from your car. Checkout procedures may occur on your mobile device or perhaps even in the exam room.

Temperature Checks

All AdventHealth team members, patients and visitors will have their temperature taken when they enter our facilities, because a high temperature indicates fever which is often a symptom of coronavirus. We have protocols in place for anyone with a fever.

New Visitor Policies

In some AdventHealth facilities, patients in the hospital will be allowed one visitor per day. As a visitor, your temperature will be checked, and you will be given a face mask to wear when you’re inside the hospital.

Each of these safety precautions make it possible to care for you safely and effectively in person.

Telehealth Services Are Still Available

If you prefer the comfort and convenience of a telehealth visit, our expanded telehealth services are still available for you. You can continue to make appointments for a video visit with your doctor using a computer or mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone.

For more information on medical care safety during the phased reopening of the U.S., check out this post. Similarly, this information can help you learn how to safely navigate life in your community as states reopen.

We’re Ready When You’re Ready

When you need in-person health care, rest assured that we’re taking extra steps to keep you safe. To learn more about new safety measures we’re using at all facilities, visit

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