Mommy Mementos

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Recently, the AdventHealth Fish Memorial team experienced a very emotional and painful loss of a young woman in the intensive care unit (ICU). The team stood bedside the patient’s father while they waited for the mother to get her granddaughters out of school to come say goodbye to their mom. As her passing drew near, the nurse manager offered the father pastoral support, which he eagerly accepted, and so she called Beth Grant, the senior chaplain. Beth came immediately and quickly connected with the grieving dad. The group held hands and prayed over the patient while her dad held her as she took her last breaths.

Though the father was heartbroken, his concern then turned toward his granddaughters, who were on their way. Beth explained that she was trained in grief counseling for children and offered to meet with the girls to help them understand what was happening. When they arrived, Beth sat down with the girls and explained things tenderly but frankly. She loved on them and helped them express their feelings and say their goodbyes as the unit wept quietly at the emotional display.

Soon after, the team quickly went to work on making “mommy mementos” for the girls using items that would remind them of their mother, including EKG strips with stickers labeled “Mommy’s Heartbeat.” The activity reminded the team that the person they had cared for wasn’t just a patient, but a mother, a daughter, a sister and one of God’s precious children, and that they were blessed to do the incredible work that they do. God used them that day, as He does every day, to make a lasting impact on hurting people.

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