Lung Cancer May Be Greater Threat to Women than Breast Cancer

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When it comes to women’s concerns about cancer, breast cancer often tops the list. However, a study in the journal Cancer Research found that lung cancer may be a greater risk for many women worldwide.

Read on to learn how your lifestyle may be the biggest factor in your lung cancer risk.

Breast Cancer Deaths Decreasing as Detection and Treatment Improve

The researchers looked at World Health Organization data from 52 countries from 2008 to 2014. Using this data, they projected that the overall mortality rate for lung cancer among women will increase worldwide, while breast cancer mortality rates will decrease. They point to advances in breast cancer detection and treatment as a cause behind the decreasing number of breast cancer deaths.

Increased Smoking Is Behind Higher Number of Lung Cancer Deaths

The researchers cite an increase in the number of women smokers as the major reason for the uptick in lung cancer deaths.

Not smoking remains the best way to reduce your risk for lung cancer. If you’re trying to quit, try these tips:

  • Ask your health care provider about medicines that can help you quit nicotine and tobacco and keep you from starting again.
  • Avoid your triggers. Spend time with non-smoking friends and stay clear of places where smoking is allowed.
  • Enroll in a support program.
  • Find a diversion. Take a walk, chew gum, or see a movie to get your mind off smoking.
  • Set small, short-term goals and meet them one by one.

You can also find online tools to help you quit smoking from the American Lung Association.

Learn more about AdventHealth’s comprehensive and compassionate cancer care services here. We’re here to support your lung health — and whole health — no matter where you’re at in your journey.

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