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Keeping You Protected During In-Person Diabetes Care

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Managing your diabetes at home probably feels like second nature. But part of your care plan also includes getting vital screenings and tests, like those to check your A1C level and cholesterol. You may need to see your physician in person for this type of care.

Be Assured That You Can Get In-Person Care Safely

We understand that you may be worried or feel anxious about going to see your physician right now. However, we want to assure you that we’ve implemented new procedures for in-person visits to protect you and keep you and others safe. When you need care in the office, we’re ready to care for you, safely.

For Your Appointment, We’re Taking Extra Safety Measures

We know you are doing all you can right now to help keep yourself and others safe and healthy, like staying at home when you can and practicing social distancing. We’re making sure you can continue to stay safe by taking steps to keep all team members and patients safe. That’s why, when you come to your physician’s office for in-person care, you’ll notice these new precautions.

Temperature Checks at All Facility Entrances

Most people who have symptoms of COVID-19 develop a fever, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). So, all patients and visitors who come to the facility will have their temperature taken before they can enter.

Separate Care Areas for Patients Who Are Sick

We have designated care areas for patients who have symptoms of COVID-19. They are safely cared for in a separate area, away from other patients.

Universal Face Mask Policy

All of our team members are required to wear face masks. You can be assured that all of your health care providers will be wearing safety equipment during your visit for diabetes care.

The CDC also urges everyone to wear face coverings when in public. To support this important safety step, we require all patients and guests in our facilities to wear masks. You will receive a mask to wear when you enter.

Social Distancing Markers in Waiting Rooms

We’ve redesigned our waiting rooms to help you better practice social distancing. You might notice floor markers and covers on chairs so that people can stand and sit a safe distance apart. When you come inside, you may notice clear, protective screens at registration desks. We’re also limiting the number of people in each facility at all times. In these small yet significant ways, you can continue to do your part in flattening the curve.

To minimize your contact with others, some facilities have the option of contactless registration to check in and wait for your appointment in your car.

Keeping in Touch With Your Physician

To help manage your diabetes better, stay in touch with your health care provider. You can easily talk with your physician virtually about the care you need. You may even be able to have a video visit with them.

During a telemedicine visit, you and your health care provider can decide together when it’s best for you to come in for care. Your doctor can give you guidance on concerns you may have about your diabetes care schedule, such as when you may need:

  • A1C testing

  • Cholesterol and blood pressure testing

  • Preventive care like screenings and vaccines

  • Tests to check for kidney problems

  • Your annual eye exam and next dental visit

To stay as healthy as possible, work with your physician to keep your blood sugar level under control. It’s one of the best ways to lower your risk for a serious illness, says the CDC. So, check your blood sugar level often to make sure it’s in a good range.

Also, work with your physician to keep up on other aspects of your diabetes care plan. These may include:

  • Checking your feet every day

  • Eating healthy foods

  • Following your sick-day plan, if needed

  • Managing stress

  • Monitoring your blood pressure at home

  • Staying active

  • Taking your medicine as prescribed

Nothing Is More Important to Us Than You

Your safety is our priority. If you’ve needed in-person care for diabetes, don’t delay it any longer. We’re taking steps to protect you and keep you safe when you’re here and meet your needs fully. Learn more and schedule your appointment for diabetes care at AdventHealth today.

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